• Squirrel Removal
    When a squirrel makes its home in your attic, you may find yourself at a loss about how to get it out.

    Countless homeowners have bravely taken on this backyard battle. More often than not, the squirrel leaves the homeowner looking about as hapless as Wile E. Coyote in a war of wits with the Road Runner.

    Get rid of squirrels. San Jose Wildlife Control offers the best service in removing squirrels from your house especially your attic.
  • Rat Control
    With rapid reproduction rates, rodents can quickly go from being unnoticeable to causing a full-blown infestation.

    During the colder months, rodents such as mice and rats search for food, warmth and shelter indoors, often entering homes through small cracks and crevices.

    Rodent can be the most annoying pest that could ever live in your house. San Jose Wildlife control offer wide range of rodent removal methods without killing your budget.
  • Bat Removal
    The damage caused by bats can be horrendous. But to allow the bats to continue to devalue the property is probably the worst decision an owner can make.

    He should take action as soon as bats are suspected, thus alleviating the problem and keeping the cost of remediation minimal.

    Do not let your property become a residing place for bats. San Jose Wildlife Control knows how to safely and humanely remove bats from your property.
  • Raccoon Control
    A raccoon annoyance inside the home can disturb everyday existence and removing raccoons in the home can be much more ambitious.

    Raccoons are at the top of the list of wildlife that destroy vegetable gardens. They also are notorious for raiding bird feeders at night as well as garbage cans.

    Having complaints about noises and damages caused by raccoons? San Jose Wildlife Control will be your best choice in repelling this filthy animals.

Wildlife control and removal at its finest.

San Jose Wildlife Control is a professional wildlife removal company based in San Jose, California that provides high standard wildlife management and animal control solutions.

We specialize in implementing environment-friendly animal control methods intended to resolve problems caused by animals such as raccoon, bats, skunk, squirrels and other wildlife animals. Our services are provided to both residential and commercial properties across San Jose, California.

San Jose Wildlife Control is committed only to provide humane animal control techniques in order to protect the animal's rights without sacrificing the quality of service to our valued clients. Read below for our monthly wildlife tip:

How To Get San Jose Raccoons Out Of Your Garbage
One of the biggest domestic problems that raccoons can cause is when they are able to get access to your garbage, and they will often tear garbage bags and leave litter strewn for yards around the bags themselves. They will also knock over or remove the lids from garbage cans in order to gain access to the leavings and leftovers that they will often be able to smell within. This raccoon activity is not only unsightly and a chore to clean up, but there are a number of health and hygiene hazards that can be caused by having a raccoon being active and by the garbage being spread across a larger area.

When Are Raccoons Likely To Try And Get To Your Garbage?
Raccoons are not clever or vindictive animals, rather they are simply opportunistic scavengers that will try to get to any leftover food that they can smell in garbage cans or garbage bags. Raccoons are nocturnal, so they are unlikely to be rooting through your garbage in the middle of the day, but it is fair to say that new mothers may be seen during the day if they are trying to find food for their young. Most people will find that if they do have raccoons active in the area then they will be most likely to try and get to the garbage on the day that it is left out to be collected.

Protecting Your Garbage During The Week
One of the most important things to ensure you get the raccoons out of your garbage is to make sure that these opportunistic animals do not find getting to your garbage an easy task. For some people it is possible to bring the garbage into a garage or a shed for storage during the week, which will usually be enough to deter the animals. For those who have no choice but to leave their garbage outdoors during the week, using a garbage can with a solid construction and a lid that will remain firmly closed is certainly a good place to start. It can also be a good idea to tie these garbage cans shut using a bungee cord or rope which can be easily removed when it is to be taken out for collection.

Garbage Collection Day
Because of the nature of garbage collection day, sometimes there will be no choice but to put the bags out and to leave them unattended until the garbage collection arrives. If possible, try and avoid putting the bags out the night before, as raccoons are most active during the night and will be more likely to try and bite their way in to the bag under the cover of darkness. It is also worth investing in a wheeled trash can to contain all of your garbage, and this can also make it easier for the garbage collectors to empty your bins during their round. It is often a common sight to see a road strewn in litter where there are active raccoons that will be able to get to unprotected garbage bags during the night before the garbage collection.

Neighborhood Action
Some people will find that working with their neighbors to help deal with the raccoon problem can work, as the animals will often return to the same areas because they have been so successful in finding food there. Solutions such as trapping problematic raccoons can often be one popular way to solve the problem, but so can a range of other measures to make the neighborhood a less attractive place for raccoons to go to find food and to scavenge through the garbage.

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