What To Do If You've Been Bitten by a Dog in San Jose?

A San Jose dog is an animal that is considered to be the most faithful among all other animals. There are millions of people who pet dogs at home for security purpose, as they can be the best guards for home. Some breed of dogs is ferocious and are rests are homely. One can say their behavior is like that of typical husbands. One time they behave very normally and very next moment there might be a change in moods. One has to understand dog psychology in order to pet a dog and be very patient. If an individual has to pet a dog one has to be very patient and alert about the signs that the dog shows.

Also the dog needs to be very approachable so that one can be friends with the animal. If the dog is not approachable enough an individual should leave them and should never force them. Many dogs start revolting on the very process of being friendly with them. This type of reaction might be due to some allergy or diseases like rabies which the California dog is affected with, so a person first needs to analyze the problem and then find a solution and act accordingly. The process has to be nice and easy so that the dog doesn’t feel that something is planned for them, in which they might become ferocious and uncontrollable.

If any kind of threat signal reaches the dog then it might the person who is near to the dog. Once a dog has bitten an individual he has to go through surgery and take injections depending upon the severity of the bite. In case of hard bite an individual might even lead to paralyses and in extreme conditions might cause death. Dog bites are extremely dangerous and highly painful. It leaves an ugly mark on the skin. One should immediately consult doctor once such an accident takes place and take necessary precautionary measures. Often it has been noticed that men are mainly the victims of San Jose dog bites than women. Along with them children between the age group 5-9 years are also victims of dog bites. One should always keep in mind that any kind of bite whether severe or little should never be neglected and immediately be treated by professionals as most of the times it has been noticed that people are being infected by diseases like rabies because of dog bites. Rabies is a very dangerous and highly contagious disease and can be fatal if not treated at the right time. In addition to this along with treatment of the individual the dog also has to be taken to a veterinary doctor and has to be given vaccines which will make them healthy and free from any kind of germs.

Also an individual has to be very alert and specific about the surrounding of the San Jose dogs and have to keep them in care. Since dog bites can cause severe health problems one should not come near to a dog until fully recovered.