California Bat Prevention Tips

As soon as you are aware of a San Jose bat infestation problem in your home, you should immediately begin looking for a solution.

What to do if you find bats in your home?
Sometimes a single bat can accidentally get into the house, garage or other building through an open door or window. This is often done by misguided young adults. Even before you have direct contact with the bat, he can go out alone. If not, you can open the front door or window and close approaches to other rooms and wait. In this case, the bats leave themselves the room.

The bats are not aggressive
Remember that bats are wild animals and avoid contact with people. Moreover, they often panic trying to escape from the room, flying wildly around it or sharply down, which is often wrongly understood by people as an attempt to be "attacked" by the bat. Bats are not aggressive, even when they are persecuted, but if you catch them by hand the bat can bite you in trying to defend him. Like other wild animals, California bats should not be held with bare hands and everyone bitten should immediately consult a doctor.

Conflict between humans and bats - methods to avoid it
If you live near bat colony, causing bats to pouring your home you can protect yourself by placing doors and windows mosquito nets. You can also plug any holes that allow the penetration of bats in your home. Bats are insectivores and have very small teeth - they cannot gnaw wood and other building materials, as the rodents do. Stoppers tow resin and other barriers can be used to seal most holes inside. The bottleneck should be done early in the day to allow the material to dry before the bats to fly in the evening.

Prevention tips
Firstly, the all place should be inspected for openings – check the windows, roof shingles, siding, doors, overhangs, porches and awnings. You may need to hire a licensed contractor to provide professional repair or sealing services to ensure the inspection. Inspection helps the owner to find the entries and prevent further infestation.

Identification of entry points
Although the holes are quite small, even large San Jose bats can squeeze through. After finding one must seal, most of them using a silicone, and leave just a single hole for them to exit at night.

This is the next step, which is done at night while the animals are out. Alternatively, owners can also install a check valve, one-way door that will allow the bats to leave the attic or barn without any possibility of return. It is really problematic when the bats attack your home. Protect it. Cover joints and gaps wider than 5-10 centimeters in the base of the building, roof, floor, walls, sheds and attics.The methods associated with the insulation of the building penetration of bats are essential to fight bats. They require effort, time and labor, but will help you to eliminate the California bats population, but will also save you from eventual returning of the animals.

Bat houses
If you are worried about the bats’ life and bats feeding, get a special house to enable animals to live there rather than at your home. This is a very popular solution to remove bats. The bats will seek for shelter and buying a bat house can cost you a lot of money. Bats are often housed in buildings season, including during the breeding season - so their elimination should not be done before the young have learned how to fly. Once the young animals grow enough, all bats may be forced to leave their shelters. Breeding season lasts from May to August. In late autumn the majorities of the bats living in buildings migrate to warmer areas or are in hibernation in caves and abandoned mines. As the winter is cold, the bats are not active; the removal of the shelters will have to be delayed for the spring, when they are already starting to go out to eat. Apart from home repairs and electronic devices, you can install automatic lights outside your property to prevent the San Jose bats from entering your property. Bats like the darkness, so they will stay away from the bright-lit areas. By having them put on motion sensors, you can save energy and keep other nuisance wildlife away.