How Do You Get Rid of San Jose City Squirrels?

Do you recall those afternoon cartoon shows where San Jose squirrels hunt and gather food? That is your typical everyday squirrel as life consists of simply surviving for them. They love eating nuts and seeds, but when unavailable, they eat flowers, vegetables and whatever edible plants are around. It follows, therefore, that you would find it a necessity to get rid of these squirrels when you find your garden and home damaged by their frequent visits. Of course, there are many ways to go about it, but preventing them coming into your garden and home remains the finest of all options. Let us start with the surrounding area of your home.

1. Dwelling perimeters
Reliable enclosing of your home is a necessity. When it comes to preventing squirrels coming into your home, it exists better choosing a fence with the tiniest holes. Some individuals also select the meshed plastic or metal fences that animals cannot climb as it injures their paws.Now, if existing fences have big holes, you may cover them using plastic or metal mesh material to close entry areas. You can also try putting oil on the top of the fence, if possible, to render it oily for California squirrels. Some persons have utilized PVC pipe lines that can freely rotate making the squirrels fall off when they start climbing it.

2. Entrapment systems
The greatest way to be free of squirrels is by using live, baited traps. The top baits consist of nuts, seeds, and even peanut butter. In addition, the unsurpassed way stays mounting them atop the roof and attic. And as said by the latest study, the trap must be baited for some days prior to catching. This will give the squirrels a notion of picking up tasty foodstuff from the area without getting trapped. The lone recommendation remains choosing a set-up of a suitable size, since there exist variants that may be too little to hold the squirrel or so big towards keeping it in.

3. Greenery and flora
Plant hot or cayenne peppers in topsoil beds usually burrowed by pests. This would not harm the soil or plants, but would cause horrendous sensation upon the feet of squirrels. Another perfect suggestion is mixing cayenne or bone meal with seeds placed on the bird feeder. This will keep off unwanted San Jose squirrels and it serves the purpose since birds cannot taste the pepper or the bone meal. If possible, do not plant geraniums and marigolds in your garden. Squirrels simply love eating them. If this is not possible, try utilizing hanging holders turned downward. To use them, drill two openings through the edge of the holder stand. Fasten the overturned holder on the border of the basket and, using wire, tie them through the openings you have bored. Plants will propagate through the wire, but the squirrel will not get into the little plants or bulbs.

4. Sunlight and gardencare
Try to minimize of squirrels penetrating into your lawn from the limbs of your tree, especially when you have a veggie garden. Ensure that no tree twigs, yours or that of your neighbor hanging above the fence. Should this be the case, then you have no choice but to cut the branches. When you do this, you will expose your garden to more sunshine. Remember that too much sunlight hurts the large eyes of California squirrels. That is why you always find them living in shady parts of trees. Use a motion-sensor sprayer in watering your garden plants early at daybreak and late in the evening. These are the periods when squirrels typically feed on fruits and vegetables. Just make sure the showers are exceptionally sensitive in starting as the squirrels enter the area.

5. Substance and repellant use
The success rate is high when you utilize different deterrents. These may consist of sprays, pellet guns, powders, or exclusion bands. These bands or collars are created using metallic materials and usually positioned around poles, trees and bird feeding areas. Customarily paper-based, chemicals are advertised by way of additives to seeds. There are similarly powder substitutes that depend on the application of hunter urine aimed at holding off the San Jose squirrels. Bear in mind though that no repellent stays 100% applicable in squirrel extermination. And with the passing of time, its potency weakens, thus, requires periodic application. Another suggestion online is to put moth balls on outdoor plants in pots. Naturally, squirrels would never want to enter the zone that holds the scent of an animal that eats them. So, if you have a pet dog, owl, hawk or cats, this will discourage squirrels from entering your home. Personally, I would choose any method that does not involve unkind treatment of squirrels. I wonder, what would you choose to use?