Facts About San Jose City CA Raccoons

Raccoons and other animals that are related to them belong to a biological family known as Procyonide. Raccoons are animals that are incredibly adaptable. Most members of the Procyonide biological family live on trees. However, there are several types of San Jose raccoons and other animals related them that live on the ground. We can mostly find raccoons in North America. These animals live all across the Northern America, from the United States of America to Canada. You can also find raccoons in the Amazonian tropical swamps.

We will now talk about the appearance of the most common type of raccoon - Procyon lotor aka Common Raccoon. This raccoon has brown fur and is known worldwide for its black eye mask. Common raccoon also has paws with five fingers that resemble a human hand. An average raccoon weighs at 13 to 15 pounds. Its nose is sharp and small. Common raccoon also has small round ears. The most distinctive feature of a common California raccoon is its thick and long tail that features black circles.

Procyon lotor aka Common Raccoon is more active when the sun sets down than when the sun is up. During the day, raccoons spend their time in their tree holes, dens, and other hidden spots. When a common raccoon starts feeling hungry, it is ready to swim over rivers and climb upon tallest trees just to get food. Raccoons use their sensitive legs to grab their pray and to hold their pray while they eat it. Because they are omnivorous animals, raccoons love to eat various foods. Raccoons search for their food in streams and river, where they hunt on fish, frogs, and crabs. In the woods, San Jose raccoons collect nuts and wild berries. They also dig for worms and larvae. Raccoons also love eating bugs and insects. When they are extremely hungry, raccoons are ready to raid bird nests and eat bird young. They also destroy corn fields when they are hungry. However, raccoons are most famous for their invasion of people’s trash cans and their ravaging of people’s trash. This is why raccoons are considered as varmint animals.

You can mostly find Common Raccoon in forests areas near water. Raccoons usually find shelter in caves, underground holes, and hollow trees. Raccoons most often rest in their shelters during the day and leave their shelters during the night. Raccoons are admired for their brilliant climbing abilities. These animals are able to climb trees either back first or head first. Raccoons are also great at swimming. That is why they don’t have problem finding food underwater. Raccoons find their mobile front legs as one of their best adjustments. These animals also find their paws that resemble a human hand helpful in opening bolts and door handles. The before mentioned skills raccoons have enable raccoons to survive in almost any condition.

Raccoons which live in colder areas usually sleep during the winter time. However, raccoons which live in warm areas don’t sleep during the winter time. However, a raccoon’s winter sleep is only a half-sleep because they usually wake up when the weather becomes pleasant.

Life Cycle
The mating season of raccoons runs January through late March. Two months after mating, a female raccoon will give birth to her raccoon babies. Female raccoons usually give birth to four to six baby raccoons. A female raccoon typically weans off her babies at 65 to 70 days after giving birth to them. Before she weans of her baby raccoons, mom San Jose raccoon will teach her young how to survive.